Keller Williams Profit Sharing | Exit Plan

Keller Williams Profit Sharing | Exit Plan

Keller Williams Profit Sharing exit plan.We’ve all heard the sayings, “You’re only as good as your last sale,” and “The day you leave the real estate business, you won’t make another penny.” Those sayings are still true with all real estate companies except Keller Williams Realty. Co-founder Gary Keller realized the most important catalyst in the real estate company was the agent.

Why would the broker take all the money for themselves if the agent was the one responsible for growing the company?

Keller saw the opportunity to share the profits from the office with the agents who helped grow the office and Keller Williams profit sharing was born.

How Keller Williams Profit Sharing Works

The concept is simple. You meet people everyday in your business as a real estate agent. Eventually you are going to come across someone who is interested in entering the real estate industry just like you or is a seasoned agent with another company. By introducing them to the Keller Williams model of success you have the opportunity to share in the profits that agent brings to the office. The more people you bring to Keller Williams, the more profits you share. The best part is you are vested after 3 years and the profits continue to come in for your lifetime. Profit sharing is even willable to your heirs!

To put this in perspective, the top agent with KW receives over $800,000 a year in passive income from Keller Williams profit sharing. Not too bad for referring agents to the best place to build their real estate careers!

Join Keller Williams today and learn more about the profit sharing opportunities that can pad your pocketbook for the rest of your life, as well as your children!